The Loft Centre - FAQs

Do I need planning permission for a Loft Storage Conversion?

No, All a Basic Storage conversion does is provide safer access to an existing loft space. You are not changing its use or carrying out any structural work. All we do is provide a fixed easy to use aluminium ladder to give you safer access, a light and switch so you can see more clearly and boarding to make it easier and safer for you to access your loft to store your belongings.

Do I need planning permission for a Loft Den/Mini Conversion?

No, You are not changing its use or carrying out any structural work, All a mini Loft conversion does is make your existing loft space into a much cleaner and safer area to access. It’s the same as a basic storage conversion except we go a lot further. We provide a fixed easy to use wood hatch with drop down steps (much safer than an aluminium loft ladder) a lot more boarding to give you a much larger usable space, a roof window to provide natural light and ventilation, better lighting and plug sockets and we plaster board your loft to make it a more cleaner and dust free environment. Due to the quality of the work and size of the space gained people often decide to use there lofts as a work area or loft den, but because no permanent access has been created and you still access the area using drop down loft steps then it is effectively still a loft albeit a very posh one…

How long do storage conversions and mini conversions take?

Basic loft storage is done in a day and usually takes up to 3 to 6 hours depending on your loft and the amount of flooring required. A Mini loft conversion can take between 3 and 5 Days to complete depending on the size of the loft and the amount/size of the loft widows required (All mini conversions are weather dependant).

What is a Sub Frame?

Sub-frames are basically a supporting frame laid on top of your existing loft floor to allow the boarded area to be raised for added support and a more level finish. The thickness of the frame can vary from job to job depending on the level and strength of your existing loft floor.

Please note sub frames are not to be mistaken for supporting floors which are generally used when constructing full loft conversions with permanent fixed access.

Can I add things to a Basic Storage Conversion or turn it into a Mini Loft Conversion Later On ?

Yes, you can add a number of things to a basic storage conversion to make your loft space even better, more flooring can be added to increase the size of the floor space, more lights can be added, a stronger ladder or wooden drop down steps or even a roof widow for natural light or ventilation are just some of the things that can be added, however it is best to discuss this with the surveyor or the office prior to the start date, so time and the additional products/materials can be factored in and brought to the job.

A basic storage conversion can be made into a Mini Loft conversion/loft den by doing the job in stages, but it is best to discuss this or inform the office prior to arrival. The only initial difference between a basic storage conversion and stage 1 of the Mini conversion is the loft hatch i.e. wooden drop down steps as opposed to a basic aluminium loft ladder and the way the flooring can be laid, (mini conversions are laid on a frame), if these items are put in at the start or during a basic storage conversion then it can be added onto and made into a mini conversion quite easily at a later date, again ideally it would be better to discuss this prior to the commencement of any works.

Is there lots of mess involved?

Generally No, due to the nature of the job all work is done in the loft, its only when we are fitting a new hatch or relocating an old one does the risk of any mess increase, that said we do sheet out the whole work area on arrival including the stairs to minimise this to hopefully zero… we do ask if you are concerned to lay down any sheets or coverings in the same manner as you would do if you were carrying out any work, we will then recover this with our own sheeting to further cancel out the risk of any mess. Were a relocation is required in what maybe a bedroom then it is advisable that all the area is covered prior to our arrival, however we do stress that great care is given to carry out the work with very little inconvenience and our reputation for cleanliness and happy customers is unbeatable..

What will the finished job look like when it is finished?

For all work the job should be fitted as per the job sheet you will receive prior to the job commencing, for mini Conversions/loft den conversions the work will be completed to a clean shell finish, i.e. no plastering unless otherwise stated (some lofts do not require this) and no decorative work.

All jobs will be left in a clean and tidy manner, and free from any unused materials.

I would like a loft ladder/hatch to be fitted but not sure if it will fit?

Then just give us a call, we can provide a free over the phone consultation service or we can arrange for one of our fitters to visit and provide a no obligation quote…

I want to use my loft as a bedroom...

If you want to turn your loft in to a permanent habitable room, i.e. a designated bedroom, the work will need to be completed to the latest building regulations and a set of drawings provided by an architect will need to be provided prior to quotation. Permanent access and fire safety regulations will also need to be factored in.

Can you supply references?

Yes we can. If you would like to contact any customers just let us know and we can arrange this.

Do I need to do anything before the work commences?

Ideally all lofts would be clear of all personal possessions and furniture etc. … however if this is a problem we can, depending on the size of the loft make a clear area to board and then transfer the items to that as we go. This only generally works for small storage conversions, for mini conversions then the loft has to be pretty clear due to the nature of the work. We would also stress that all animals and children be kept in a safe area away from the fitters and front door as this maybe left open while we bring in tools and materials.

Ideally any breakable items, pictures and items of furniture would be removed to create clear access from the front door up to the loft area as materials and fitters will be carrying in heavy materials.

What are your payment methods?

On all confirmed jobs we take a 10% deposit, for all work under £1500 full payment is required on completion, for all work over £1500 a payment will be required after each stage of the work is completed. Mini Loft Conversions/Loft Den Conversions usually have 3 payment stages.

We take payment by Debt card, Credit card (Sorry not Amex) and Cash, unfortunately due to changing banking conditions we do not accept cheques unless it is for a deposit for work due to start after 7 working days.

Is the work guaranteed?

Yes, all our work is guaranteed for 12 months and all products carry separate guarantees of between 1 and 10 years depending on the product fitted.

If you have any further questions, queries or just want further advice, please feel free to call us on 0800 567 7575

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